Orthodontics Procedures

Referrals from Main Clinic

  • Fill out Ortho Clinic tab of General Referral form.
    • Fill out the “DDS Reason for Referral” field: general orthodontic treatment, or any specific requests (e.g. pre-prosthetic treatment, like uprighting a tooth to place a bridge).
  • Ortho clinic has access to our treatment records from main clinic. If you want to expand upon the General Referral form, tell them to refer to our main clinic treatment record and elaborate in the SOAP note.
  • Walk your patient over to Ortho Clinic to make a consultation appointment, or the patient can do this themselves.

How can I follow my patient’s progress in ortho treatment?

  • In Axium, click the Ortho Manager icon –> Ortho Treatment History icon (the tooth with a clock at the top right corner)
    • This brings you to a combined treatment history from both Main Clinic and Ortho Clinic.
  • If you want to be updated on your patient’s ortho treatment status, find out what resident they’re assigned to and communicate with them.

How do I remove my patient’s wire for a cleaning?

  • First, schedule the cleaning appointment with your patient.
  • Contact Ortho Clinic receptionist Alexis McBride (amcbride@pacific.edu) or go to the front desk of Ortho Clinic.
  • Schedule two Ortho Clinic appointments: before AND after your cleaning appointment, to take the wire off and put it back on.
  • Instruct your patient to go to Ortho Clinic first, then go to you for their cleaning.
    • ‚ÄčThe patient may be seen by either their assigned ortho resident or an RDA, whoever is available.
  • Make sure to leave extra time at the end of your cleaning appointment to go back to Ortho Clinic and put the wire back on!

Can I do a simple Invisalign case?

  • If it’s a very simple case, you can work with Dr. Shafiee. She is the only orthodontist on Main Clinic faculty, so any Invisalign cases must be done with her.
  • If you’re signed up for the Invisalign selective and your patient is a simple case, Ortho Clinic may determine that they’re eligible to be seen on Wednesday nights during the selective course. In that case, you can follow their treatment as you attend the selective.