Oral Surgery


Each DDS student will have 6 weeks of Oral Surgery rotations, with 4 weeks in the second year and 2 weeks in the third year, while each IDS student will have 1 week. The official didactics course, OS 101, is integrated into the ICS II curriculum and provides the information necessary for students to render treatment in the OS clinic. Initially in your first rotations, your main role is to assist third year students and to perform OS consults and post-operative evaluations. In future rotations, you will gradually assume a more active independent role in rendering treatment. There are 3 competencies to be completed during your OS rotations: OS Consultation, Routine Extraction, and Surgical Extraction.

Outside of Oral Surgery rotations, students of all years are welcome to observe and assist, including during evening clinic. However, when other students are on rotation, please be respectful of their assigned operatories.


How to Get Started

​​Prior to your OS rotation:

  • What to bring
    • safety glasses
    • blood pressure cuff
    • medicine booklet
    • operatory name plate
  • Attend huddle
    • third years: Monday at 9 AM
    • second years: Monday at 10 AM
  • Review student-chair assignments posted in the OS Resident room

During your OS rotation:

  • Disinfect your operatory and place protective barriers as needed
  • Front desk will assign patients to you at the start of clinic session and continually as patients are dismissed
  • Review patient referral
    • if patient of record at UoP or from our emergency clinic, referral is found under the General Referral form
    • if patient from outside dentist/clinic, referral is found under “Attachments” tab
  • Greet patient and escort to operatory chair
  • OS Consultation
  • If indicated, render treatment
  • Give patient post-op instructions
  • Document appointment with proper SOAP  note