First and foremost, you should review the Endodontic Manual you received during the 4th quarter preclinical rotation and remind yourself of the design of the access opening preps and the current strategies for cleaning and shaping root canal systems. You will find re-reading the manual at this stage of your education will be quite valuable.

Make sure you have entered your objective and subjective data into the endodontic diagnostic section of axiUm to determine both the pulpal and periradicular diagnosis. Remember that for any tooth needing endodontic treatment, a pulpal and an apical diagnosis is required. The axiUm form has pull-down menus for both.

Interview the patient and verify that their med history is stable. Inform the endodontist of any significant medical concerns. If the tooth has previously been accessed in Emergency by another student doctor, it is important that you take a PA and BW radiograph before you begin to ensure that there was no perforation or broken instrument and that the tooth is restorable. It is important to have a plan for restoring the tooth after endodontic treatment and you should discuss this with the patient. You should consult a restorative instructor if you have any questions about restorability. When all consultations are completed and a diagnosis is made get the patient’s informed consent signature on the special form in axiUm prior to starting treatment. Once you have obtained the start check from the endodontic faculty, you can anesthetize the patient and begin treatment. REMEMBER to document endodontic treatment procedures.

The Endodontic Section of Pacmanual was reviewed and updated by the Endodontics Department as of April 17, 2019.