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Introduction from the Clinic Guidebook Founders, Class of 2005


No, really… it bears repeating. Congratulations. Finishing your first year at Pacific is no small accomplishment. You should be proud, relieved, and most of all excited – because you are about to be rewarded with a gift befitting the incredible gauntlet you have just been through. From this point on, and for the rest of your professional life, you are in the clinic!

If you’re anything like the students who’ve come before, you’re probably thinking “what the heck do I do now?” Step 1: spend a little time flipping through this guidebook. It’s a collection of pearls of wisdom collected from your big brothers and sisters, organized with the intention of helping you hit the ground running… or at least helping you find your footing. For example, there are 3 requirements for patients to qualify for a contract….do you remember what they are? “What do I say when I call my patients?” “What the heck is ODTP or step 2 again?” “What do I do if my patient has a RPD… for that matter, what even is an RPD?” All these questions and dozens like it will be answered in the following pages. Keep this guidebook as a reference. It’ll come in handy when it’s time to do that first root canal, or cement that first crown. So take a deep breath. It’s appropriate to be a little apprehensive, but whether you believe it or not, you’re ready. That also bears repeating. You’re ready… really.

A word of warning: it won’t be easy. It’s a completely different world down here. Your life is about to be invaded by a host of patients, staff and faculty with varying degrees of sanity (more-so the patients than the faculty and staff). Long nights of studying are replaced by long afternoons of venting. You will change which word you emphasize when you say “rubber dam”. You will come to dread the words “Denti-Cal”. But at the end of the day, when you go home to your loved ones, you will be able to tell them “I was a dentist today”. It’s amazingly rewarding, and a little intimidating to know that there are people walking around on the streets with your work in their mouths. But here’s the bottom line: you’re seeing patients now, your patients.

So again, congratulations. You’ve earned it. Let the ODTP’s and patient care begin!

The Main Clinic Guidebook Founders, Class of 2005, and Professor Christine Miller, RDH, MHS, MA

​2020 Update

The Pac Manual is the result of a combination of efforts from students, faculty, and administrative staff. It contains a wealth of information from the previous Clinic Guidebook created by students, faculty, and staff in 2005. In 2016, Stephen Hu (DDS 2017) and Dr. Vallee started working on an online version of this Clinic Guidebook in hopes of making a more interactive and easily accessible source of information. They gathered a team of students who spent countless hours transferring material from the PDF Clinic Guidebook to the Pac Manual along with more diagrams, Axium screenshots, and videos.

During the recent school years we have brought on new team members who have worked hard to develop this living document to its current status. Our current committee consists of several 3rd and 2nd year students dedicated to providing the most accurate and updated website for all users.

Dr. Gupta is our main faculty advisor who has helped guide this project tremendously. We hope this site will continue to be a valuable resource for students, faculty, and staff! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to use the feedback option on the bottom of each page.

The Pac Manual Task Force

Current Students:
Student Leaders: Kyle Cuenin (DDS 2020), Sara Greene (DDS 2020), Alex Huh (DDS 2020), Renee Greene (DDS 2021), Alyssa Kim (DDS 2021), Mali McGuire (DDS 2021)
Student Editors: Stephen Kasper (DDS 2020), Vineet Khehra (DDS 2020), Marina Kosturos (DDS 2020), Andrea Malin (DDS 2020), Tori Mcrae (DDS 2020), Gabrielle Wainwright (DDS 2020), Matt Wasilewski (DDS 2020), Colleen Chiu (DDS 2021), Vania Firmalino (DDS 2021), Alyssa Morrow (DDS 2021), John Park (DDS 2021), Jacob Scheel (DDS 2021), Amy Take (DDS 2021), Stephanie Tsang (DDS 2021), Angie Yang (DDS 2021)

Shika Gupta, Marcia Loo, Jeff Miles, Jessie Vallee, Christine Miller

Technical Support:
Katherine Falk, Esther Kwong

Lidia Lambrusco

Past Students:
Stephen Hu (DDS 2017), Mia Tittle (DDS 2018) , Brad Coons (DDS 2018), Will Keeton (DDS 2018), Blake Swimmer (DDS 2018), Kevin Kai (DDS 2018), Conor Maguire-Hore (DDS 2019), Kishan Patel (DDS 2019), Brandon Rebottaro (DDS 2019), Allie Kawata (DDS 2019), Sammy Lee (DDS 2019), Jackson Partin (DDS 2019), Saumya Ram (DDS 2019), Melissa Wong (DDS 2019), Krunali Kapadia (IDS 2019)

Special Thanks

Dr. Shika Gupta
Dr. Jeffrey Miles
​Dr. Jessie Vallee
Dr. Fred Fendler
Prof. Christine Miller
Mr. Jon Draper
Katherine Falk
Esther Kwong

​Class of 2005 Guidebook Founders Back row, Left to Right: Ben Magleby, Greg Smith, Sam Christensen, and Marcus Palermo. Front row, Left to Right: Thao Nguyen, Marina Martinez, and Stephanie Settimi. Not Pictured: Seth Reder, Megan Olson, Kay Warren, and Eric McMahon